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Galaxy Green Energy is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the R&D, fabrication, and sales of high-performance lithium battery. our product covers multiple fields, including power battery, LiFePO4 energy storage equipment, electric tools battery, and consumer electronics battery. we have senior experts and excellent engineers R&D team in the industry, dedicated to innovation and breakthroughs in lithium battery technology. we have been continuously investing in research and development funds, introduce advanced equipment, and optimize production processes to ensure that our lithium battery products have excellent performance, stability, and safety.

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  • Continuous Innovation
    Continuous Innovation

    Galaxy Green Energy invests heavily in technological innovation each year. Innovation is the key to our victory and also the core competencies to maintaining market competitiveness. 

  • Customized Services
    Customized Services

    Galaxy Green Energy provides clients with customized battery products to meet their special needs. we have high flexibility, provide personalized services to customers, and continuously upgrade the products. 

  • Over 10 Years In Lithium Battery
    Over 10 Years In Lithium Battery

    Since 2014, Galaxy Green Energy has attached great importance to the development of battery technology, and we believe that battery technology is crucial for human energy utilization. we have been maintaining our investment in lithium battery technology, which has resulted in our competitive products today. 

  • Quick Response
    Quick Response

    Galaxy Green Energy have a professional technical service team with rich experiences in customer needs, product design, sample function testing, and mass production,can provide one-stop battery services. 






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12.8V / 200Ah Power Series Lithium Battery

Long lifespan, with a cycle life typically reaching 3000-5000 cycles, compared to other types of lithium battery, its service life is longer. High safety, lithium iron phosphate battery have a higher self ignition temperature and are less prone to thermal runaway, making them relatively safer in high-temperature environments. Low cost....

12.8V / 100Ah Industrial Series Lithium Battery

The lithium iron phosphate battery has the characteristics of small size and light weight, and can continuously output high intensity power. it has higher thermal stability and resistance to overcharging and discharging, which can reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Long cycle life....

12.8V / 50Ah Industrial Series Lithium Battery

Easy to install, portable, high energy density, and high safety. this type of battery is widely used in various fields, including but not limited to solar street lights, communication base stations, UPS backup power supply, traffic signal lights, small equipment power supply, etc....

48V / 50Ah Photovoltaic Energy Storage Lithium Battery

The type of LiFePO4 battery has high safety and is equipped with various protective measures, such as short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection, etc., to ensure the safety of battery use....

25.6V / 50Ah Industrial Series Lithium Battery

The LiFePO4 battery can maintain good performance over a wide temperature range, especially maintaining high discharge efficiency at low temperatures. the safety performance is good, and the temperature of thermal runaway is generally above 500 ℃, higher than that of ternary lithium batteries, so the risk of spontaneous combustion is low....

48V / 50Ah Emergency Power Series Lithium Battery

This type of LiFePO4 battery has high voltage stability and can maintain relatively stable voltage output under different charging and discharging states, making it suitable for situations that require stable power supply. High cycle life, able to maintain a longer cycle life even under deep cycle use, reducing the frequency and cost of battery replacement....

25.2V / 60Ah Power Series Lithium Battery

The LiFePO4 battery has the advantages of high energy density, high safety, and good stability. the battery pack is equipped with multiple protection measures and intelligent lithium battery protection functions, such as supporting RS485 or CAN intelligent management protocol, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, and over temperature protection....

25.6V / 38.4Ah AGV Vehicle Power Series Lithium Battery

This lithium battery is mainly used in various fields such as low speed e-vehicle, e-tools, energy storage systems, industrial equipment, etc. it is also used as a backup or starting power source to ensure the normal operation and startup of equipment. this is a high-performance and highly safe lithium iron phosphate battery product...

48V / 40Ah E-Tool Power Series Lithium Battery

Large capacity, capable of continuous high-power discharge, long cycle life, suitable for frequent charging and discharging application scenarios. the battery is lightweight compared to other types of batteries, high security performance, has obtained various safety applicable certifications both domestically and internationally....

51.2V / 105Ah EV Power Series Lithium Battery

51.2V/105Ah LiFePO4 battery have broad application prospects due to their high voltage and large capacity characteristics. this battery not only has the characteristics of a power lithium battery, but also has the ability to instantly output high power, suitable for situations that require high-power starting, such as BSG motors. this battery has the advantages of high working voltage, high energy density, and long cycle life, making it suitable for large-scale energy storage....

Rectangle Lithium-ions Battery Cell

This rectangle battery cell adopts a multi-layer structure and safety design, consisting of positive electrode, negative electrode, positive electrode shell, insulation layer, sealing cover, and other components. there are safety structures such as needle piercing non explosion safety devices and overcharging protection devices....

26650 Series Lithium-ions Battery Cell

The size of the 26650 lithium battery cell is 26mm in diameter and 65mm in height. based on this cell, lithium battery support fast charging and discharging, with high rate discharge performance, suitable for applications that require high current discharge. the corresponding lithium battery has the following advantages....

18650 Series Lithium-ions Battery Cell

Lithium battery based on 18650 cells have advantages such as light weight, large capacity, and no memory effect. our company's battery have the advantage of high energy density, with a capacity 1.5-2 times that of nickel hydrogen batteries of the same weight, and have a very low self discharge rate.....

Households Energy Storage Module 10.1kWh-60.5kWh

200% photovoltaic input, Off grid paralleling connection (uninterruptible power supply), Quick response VPP control, Modular design, Uninterruptible power supply. the 3.6/5kW hybrid single-phase inverter is equipped with a 10kWh battery module and can be expanded to 60.5kWh. more precise data can be captured to meet stricter VPP requirements. supports off grid parallel connection and quick response to VPP control.

Households Energy Storage Module 5.04kWh-30.24kWh

Adapt to all kinds of photovoltaic inverters, Modular design, VPP adaptation, High energy density, Easy installation and maintenance. high cost-effectiveness, super easy to install, and can easily achieve large-scale applications, the 3kW AC coupled energy storage solution can meet all photovoltaic storage system requirements. the system adopts an integrated structure with a built-in 5.04kWh battery, and the external expansion battery can reach 30.24kWh.

Households Energy Storage Module 2.9kWh-17.2kWh

Convenient expansion, AC coupling, Built-in battery, Modular design, Easy installation and maintenance, Continuous monitoring. it is an excellent choice for installed photovoltaic households that want to add extra energy storage capacity. it can be equipped with 6 module of 2.9kWh batteries and can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 17.4kWh.

High Power EV Charging

Intelligent control, card swiping identity recognition, rechargeable photovoltaic/battery, supporting wall mounted installation, connected to the Galaxy Green Energy Storage System, truly achieving the use of 100% renewable energy to charge vehicles, and fully utilize the cloud platform for intelligent interaction, enjoy preferential electricity prices.

Portable Power Station

This portable power supply is small in size, lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for outdoor use. large capacity can meet the charging needs of different devices, with multiple uses, usually equipped with multiple power adapters, which can charge various digital products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, etc....


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