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Households Energy Storage Module 5.04kWh-30.24kWh

Adapt to all kinds of photovoltaic inverters, Modular design, VPP adaptation, High energy density,  Easy installation and maintenance. high cost-effectiveness, super easy to install, and can easily achieve large-scale applications, the 3kW AC coupled energy storage solution can meet all photovoltaic storage system requirements. the system adopts an integrated structure with a built-in 5.04kWh battery, and the external expansion battery can reach 30.24kWh.


                                                              Households Energy Storage Module 5.04kWh-30.24kWh Parameter

Battery Type LFP (LiFePO4)Weight 45 kg
Dimension (W x D x H) 640 x 250 x 345 mmIP ProtectionIP65 (Outdoor)
Warranty10 Year Performance WarrantyEnergy Capacity 5.04 kWh
Usable Capacity4.79 kWhDepth of Discharge (DoD)95%
Nominal Voltage48 VOperating Voltage Range45 ~ 54 V
Cycle Life6000Max. Charging Current52.5 A
Max. Discharging Current52.5 AOperating Temperature Range-10 °C ~ +50 °C
Humidity0 ~ 95%Modules Connection1 ~ 6 in parallel
Capacity5.0 / 10.1 / 15.1 / 20.2 / 25.2 /        30.2 kWhUsable Capacity4.8 / 9.6 / 14.4 / 19.2 / 23.9 /          28.7 kWh
Monitoring ParametersSystem voltage, current, cell voltage,cell temperature, PCBA temperatureCommunicationCAN and RS-485 compatible



Advantages 5.04kWh-30.24kWh Energy Storage Module

Galaxy Green Energy through continuous investment in R&D and technological accumulation, our integrated household energy storage products have excellent reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. our products has the following characteristics: high reliability, using high-quality battery components and built-in powerful intelligent management system with very high safety and reliability. strong flexibility, can be expanded or upgraded according to the actual needs of households to adapt to changes in household electricity demand. easy to operate and install, with a friendly human-machine interface and intelligent control functions, making it easy to use. energy conservation and environmental protection can reduce the dependence of households on traditional energy, reduce energy consumption, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus playing a role in energy conservation and environmental protection. improve household energy self-sufficiency and reduce energy consumption costs; Promote the utilization of renewable energy and improve environmental quality; it can serve as an emergency backup power source to provide necessary power support in case of emergencies. improve electricity utilization efficiency and reduce energy consumption costs. For households that require a large amount of electricity, the use of integrated household energy storage devices can store cheap electricity at night and be used during peak hours of the day, thereby achieving energy-saving and emission reduction effects




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