EV Charging


High Power EV Charging

Intelligent control, card swiping identity recognition, rechargeable photovoltaic/battery, supporting wall mounted installation, connected to the Galaxy Green Energy Storage System, truly achieving the use of 100% renewable energy to charge vehicles, and fully utilize the cloud platform for intelligent interaction, enjoy preferential electricity prices.


                                                                                        High Power EV Charging Parameter

Rated output power11,000WRated input voltage 400V,3P+N+PE
Rated input current16AOperating Frequency50/60Hz
Rated output voltage400VRated AC current 16A
Weight2KGLine length7M
Dimensions (H x W x D) 340x250x109.50mmCustomized YES



Advantages of Galaxy Green Energy High Power EV Charging

With the popularization of electric vehicles, our company attaches great importance to the issue of electric vehicle charging. therefore, we have developed high-power and high current charging piles. our company's products have good compatibility. the universal AC 7-hole slow charging port charging gun can adapt to 99% of new energy electric vehicles on the market designed with a protective cover to prevent rainwater and dust from entering the gun head and causing short circuits, the waterproof level reaches IP55 or IP67, making it safe to use even in rainy weather provides real-time display of current, voltage, power, and other information, allowing users to easily grasp the charging status. at the same time, these charging guns also have the function of automatically turning off the power supply due to overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and leakage, ensuring charging safety.




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