Lithium-ions Battery Cell


26650 Series Lithium-ions Battery Cell

The size of the 26650 lithium battery cell is 26mm in diameter and 65mm in height. based on this cell, lithium battery support fast charging and discharging, with high rate discharge performance, suitable for applications that require high current discharge. the corresponding lithium battery has the following advantages: High energy density can provide longer battery life. Good temperature adaptability, able to work normally over a wide temperature range. Long cycle life, repeatable charging and discharging multiple times with minimal performance degradation. Good safety performance, with protective functions such as overcharging, over discharging, and short circuit. the 26650 lithium-ion battery developed by our company is widely used in electric tools, driving recorders, lighting equipment, wind and solar energy storage systems, electric vehicles, toys, instruments and meters due to its high energy density and high discharge performance In the fields of UPS backup power supply, communication equipment, and medical equipment.

                                                                       26650 Series Lithium-ions Battery Cell Parameter

Cell ModelCharging temperature rangeDischarge temperature rangeMaximum continuous charging current
Maximum continuous discharge currentMaximum discharge rate in -40 ℃0.5C discharge capacity retention rate in -40 ℃Cell Size 
3.3A1C≥ 60%26*65mm

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