Safe,Economical and Durable


In order to improve the safety of lithium batteries, Galaxy Green Energy use highest safe lithium iron phosphate as the battery cell. through continuous improvement and innovation in battery raw materials, thermal management, overvoltage protection, and other aspects. the batteries we produce have extremely high safety and reliability, and can pass various rigorous testing. compared to other types of batteries, it has a longer cycle life, can charge and discharge more than 6000 times




High-Quality Products


As the company grows, Galaxy Green Energy continuously invest in the future - technological innovation and advanced equipment. thanks to a strong R&D and technical engineering team, we constantly develop new products with high competitiveness to cater for market demands quickly. based on the market feedback, we continuously upgrade our products and enhance their stability and adaptability.




Diversified and Customized Lithium Battery Solutions


Galaxy Green Energy provide customized services for lithium batteries according to different application scenarios and needs of our customers. whether it is samples or large-scale production, we can meet customer's needs very well. our company invests a large amount of funds every year to continuously promote the continuous development and application of lithium battery technology, and constantly innovate lithium battery solutions.




Efficient and Effective Services


Galaxy Green Energy has a professional team of engineers who can quickly respond to various customer's needs. whether it's product design, functional implementation, prototype testing, or mass production. we have possess large -scale production plants, multiple manufacturing lines, high capacity production, and sufficient inventory to shorten the delivery time, we can all meet customer needs very well. also we have comprehensive after-sales system to serve our customers effectively.


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