Portable Power Station


Portable Power Station

This portable power supply is small in size, lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for outdoor use. customizable large capacity can meet the charging needs of different devices, with multiple uses, usually equipped with multiple power adapters, which can charge various digital products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, etc. safer and reliable, with protective functions such as overcharging, over discharging, overload, short circuit, etc., ensuring safe use. In addition to the function of portable mobile power supply, it can also provide a high-power AC interface and be configured with various types of DC output interfaces. suitable for outdoor activities, emergency backup power, electric vehicle backup power, and other scenarios.

                                                                                           Portable Power Station Parameter

ModelSize (LxWxD)WeightBattery CellCapacity
GALAXY-G-Series316*191*192mm8.2kgTernary lithium-ion 999Wh (Customizable)
AC outputDC outputFrequencyUSB-AUSB-C
1000W(Peak 2000W)5525DC*250/60Hz3*18W1*60W
Wireless chargingBMS protectionCertificationsOperation temperatureStorage temperature
10WCurrent, voltage, overheating, overload protectionUL/FCC/CE/PSE/CP65/ROHS/UN38.3-10 ~ 40℃-20 ~ 45℃



Advantages Of Galaxy-G-Series Portable Power

We can customize design and manufacturing according to customer needs, meet the needs of customers in different usage environments. this portable power supply has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy portability, large battery storage, and high safety and reliability. compatible with various electronic products, able to provide power to various digital products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. anytime and anywhere.




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